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SAIL Event Partners

SAIL is more than just a five day event once every five years. SAIL innovates, connects and amazes. SAIL is the platform where all the information, history and cultures, that have been gathered from our historical exploring, come together with modern day culture and together we will set sail to the future so we can write a new history. Everyone is welcome aboard the SAIL ship.

The establishment of the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation

After the big success of the first edition of SAIL in 1975, there had to be another edition. 1980 would be the next year for SAIL to flourish. Three years before that, in 1977, the ‘Stichting SAIL Amsterdam (SSA)’ (SAIL Amsterdam Foundation) was founded to make sure that the next edition of SAIL Amsterdam would be a success. The foundation has from that point onwards been responsible for all successful editions of SAIL. SAIL Amsterdam 2020 will be their tenth edition.

The establishment of SAIL Event Partners

For the ninth edition in 2015, the foundation started working together with ACE Concepts & Events and the Port of Amsterdam (Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV). Together they form SAIL Event Partners. Within SAIL Event Partners the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation is the organiser of the heart of SAIL. The Foundation is responsible for the presence of the Tall Ships and the sailing legacy together with its support. By doing that, the foundation is continuing her everlasting tradition.


The director of the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation is Mitra van Raalten.
Quartermaster and Head of Communications and Marketing of SAIL Event Partners is Marit Merkus. We are currently working with a small team that eventually will grow to a full project organisation with a substantial amount of interns from SAIL Academy and an even larger amount of volunteers.

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