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About us


SAIL wants to sail the world seas like a fleet. We, proverbially, want to hoist the sails and broaden our horizon. SAIL is a leading nautical brand that deals with the legendary past of the Dutch merchant shipping. A brand with a story, one that will be recognized far outside of the Amsterdam boarders. SAIL is export-worthy and that is why the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation has been looking on how to make international success since the 2015 edition.

International ambittion

The SAIL-tale deserves to be told in different languages. Other world cities can be the setting for a SAIL event in their own unique way. The SAIL Amsterdam Foundation is currently in discussion with a number of cities that are interested in organising a unique event such as SAIL in their city.
The international ambition is asking for more continuity. SAIL is not just once every five years, SAIL is always present. This means that SAIL is looking for and keeps contact in the years between. For example, SAIL is constantly organising small (nautical) events. For everyone who, like us, is enchanted by the shipping industry.

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