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Proud of our collaboration

With SAIL, not only people, cultures and municipalities come together, but also companies and organisations. Professionals from different fields help us in front of and behind the scenes to realise SAIL and make it a complete success. We are proud of our collaboration with them.


When you see all those sailor men in their uniforms, you must be thinking that only professionals can sail aboard a Tall Ship. FALSE! You too can experience life at sea aboard a Tall Ship.

As partners of SAIL Amsterdam, we are specialised in so called Sail Training journeys, where you, as a trainee, will be part of the ship. Under the guidance of the regular crews you go on guard, sail and trim, stand at the helm or on the lookout and if you want you can even enter the masts.

There are many different Tall Ships and programs that you can participate in and not only in 2020 but also now! Windseeker is happy to advise you which Tall Ship suits you best. On one ship you sleep in hammocks and you have the pure original experience, but if more comfort is given to you, this is possible too. Imagine yourself in the footsteps of the explorers during an ocean crossing, where in addition to the prevailing winds, whales, dolphins and the most beautiful sunrises determine your journey. Or choose an expedition trip, where you will discover Iceland, Antarctica or a warm exotic destination.

A fitting and pure experience for everyone.

Are you curious and do you dare? Click here for more information! You can also sign up for 2020!

Sail Training Association Netherlands

Sail Training Association Netherlands ensures that there are always trained crew members at SAIL Amsterdam to sail on the special Tall Ships and historic ships. SAIL sponsors young people in training, so that you can enjoy a sailing maritime nautical heritage every five years. For more information, visit the STANetherlands website, www.stanetherlands.nl

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