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SAIL Academy likes your talent!

SAIL Academy is all about your talents! We therefore offer all sorts of internship vacancies and graduation opportunities that give you the opportunity to grow and develop. In addition to our wishes and criteria, we also look at what you think is important: what is your passion, what do you want to develop and how do we connect to your study? In this way we connect you with SAIL, but also with companies or municipalities that are involved with SAIL. So you will soon have a top spot to further develop your talent and they have the right talent.

Are you a young talent and do you want to use your talents for SAIL? Come on board at SAIL Academy!


  • like to use all of your talents, inquisitiveness and ambition to carry out the described activities for SAIL in the coming (half) year
  • like to put a unique event like SAIL on your CV?
  • like to work together with other talents to make SAIL a fantastic success that you can be proud of?

Tell us about your passions and talents and how they fit with the outlined vacancy and department; tell us your story. You can tell this story in any way you want and preferably in a way that suits you. In addition to your motivation, we would also like to receive your CV.

YOU COULD ALSO CALL: (+31)6 41370431

Young talent in the picture

My expedition- Lisanne Nankman

I like to go to events, I am very happy about this. I also have a passion to make people happy and organize fun events / activities / holidays. That is why I started studying Leisure Management at Hogeschool Inholland in Diemen.
My name is Lisanne Nankman, 20 years old and living in Amsterdam North. I am originally from Kampen and a Sail event is organized here every four years. We know SAIL Amsterdam in Kampen in miniature and that is not comparable to the event in Amsterdam.


I am now starting my third year of my education and in this year I have a first internship. I find it incredibly cool that I can do my internship at an organization like SAIL Amsterdam. I will do an internship at the hospitality department and I will assist in the development of hospitality packages. After two years in the books, I am very curious how to prepare and organize such a big event as SAIL Amsterdam in practice, in the run up to 2020.
I am very excited to start my internship in September. I step into it open minded and I hope to learn a lot from the people who work in this organization.

Turning my passion into my job – Silvie Tromp

My name is Silvie Tromp, I am 19 years young and I study Leisure & Events Management at the Hogeschool Inholland. I have been in control since I was a child and this was reflected in the organization of various outings for my family and friends. I noticed that I enjoyed organizing and I wanted to do something with this. After the Havo, I decided to start my current education. I went through the first two years with pleasure. Now I am back in my third year and I can do my internship at the largest nautical public event in the Netherlands!


When I heard about the internship at SAIL Amsterdam I was immediately very enthusiastic and decided to apply directly. The transition from organizing small outings to helping with the organization of such a big event is a challenge that I like to take on.

My dream is to organize a big event later on. I am still discovering in which sector I would like to do this. The opportunity that I am getting at SAIL Amsterdam is a fantastic step towards pursuing this dream. I am very much looking forward to gaining experience at the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation.

From Student to proffesional leisure manager – Guido Meinsma

“By working on behalf of SAIL you build up experiences and networks that you take with you for the rest of your life. They leave me free how I arrange everything but I always stay in consultation with SAIL “.
Guido Meinsma is a fourth-year student Leisure Management at Hogeschool Inholland in Diemen. The program trains their students to become a professional leisure manager. This means that the students are trained to “researching and entrepreneurial leisure professionals, specialized in creating leisure experiences in the big city.” Think of Leisure experiences such as SAIL Amsterdam or festivals.


Guido is commissioned by SAIL to carry out a graduation research (thesis) into SAIL’s volunteer policy with regard to the wishes and needs of potential young volunteers. Before that, he will interview the potential young volunteers and interview people who understand volunteer policy. The analyzes will include data that will be used to develop an improved volunteer policy. He can use SAIL as a blueprint for recruiting and retaining the volunteers for SAIL 2020.
Guido has no shortage of ambitions and dreams. His ambition is to create meaningful experiences. With the experiences, he wants to immerse the visitors in the story of the experience, making them come into a trance and have no knowledge of the time and the environment. He also wants to add value to the experience with his knowledge. His dream is therefore to organize a large-scale festival or event.
Eventually, Guido wants to become an organizer of major festivals by first organizing smaller events or festivals. He also wants to gain a lot of experience and networking during his early years.

Authentic bold wave! – Estrella Brand

We all want to leave something behind in this world, to be ‘eternal’, so that we will be remembered when we die (and we will eventually …). We want to create the feeling that when this time comes, it was not all for nothing, but that we meant something. Or so. Four of my biggest passions are sailing, photography, traveling and writing. This combination seems to me the way to become ‘eternal’. To tell a story that, if I do not tell you, it might never be told. I want to tell, translate and clarify stories to help others become ‘eternal’ and allow myself this status right away.
I am Estrella Brand, 24 years old, the umpteenth world traveler, professional sailor all over the world with a passion for spontaneity, culture, photography, journalism, media, surfing and furthermore almost all sports that can be imagined.


I believe in learning by doing and learning from the experts within a field. By telling and translating my passion for stories into a personal image, to photography or words, I try to make unexpected and special connections. At SAIL and SAIL Academy I got a chance to tell one of the most beautiful stories. It is not just a very dynamic and instructive organization; it is more than that. The sparkles in my eyes every night after work reveal my bond with and enthusiasm about the organization and the event. All my biggest passions come together here.

For a selection of my photos and images on the world, I invite you to take a look at my website: www.estrellabrand.com.

“If you say that money is the most important thing. You’ll be doing the things you do not like doing. Which is stupid. ” Alan Watts.

Fair winds,
Estrella Brand

Yoshka Vukkink

Education: Bachelor Business Administration at the Higher Hotel School The Hague location The Hague – fourth year student, graduation internship + research
Internship time: 6 months

Position / department: Assistant Event Manager (part of Tall Ship Collective and Sponsoring), but can be used all round, so Assistant Event Manager covers it.

How I came to SAIL Amsterdam 2020 .. I left Scheveningen for my internship and therefore had to cancel the house with which I lived with 3 other ladies in the past 2 years. The daughter of Mitra van Raalten (director SAIL Amsterdam Foundation) really wanted to rent the house and so Mitra came to my house to see the house. After the tour she told me that she is the director of SAF and that’s how I talked to her about a possible internship at SAIL Amsterdam 2020. Then the ball started rolling.

SAIL Amsterdam 2020 is a unique internship because it only takes place once every five years. That is why it is an honor to be involved and to help set up the event again by 2020. It starts with a small team where brainstorming and recruiting people develops and ends with 50 people (or even more) who are working hard on the finishing touches.

I am now part of the first phase where brainstorming is key and this gives me the opportunity to learn from experienced experts in different areas.

My graduation research will focus on researching the relationship between SAIL Amsterdam 2020 and multinationals with regard to sponsoring and how this can best be maintained.

Hogeschool Inholland

SAIL Amsterdam 2015 and the collaboration with SAIL Academy was a fantastic experience for the more than 100 students of Inholland University of Applied Sciences who were able to contribute to the event. During the months prior to the event, the students gained experience in an inspiring work placement. In addition, students indicated that in addition to experience, they have also been given the opportunity to build up a network, have followed extra training courses and have transformed an event from paper into a 3D version.

Last edition, students from the Communication, Facility Management, Facility Management, Leisure Management and Media & Entertainment Management programs were able to make a nice contribution to SAIL Amsterdam 2015. The students have been able to use their talents to make SAIL 2015 a success. For many students, it tasted like more.

SAIL is a wonderful event for Hogeschool Inholland and its students to bring theory and practice together. Students will apply their acquired knowledge in the preparation or during SAIL through an internship, minor assignment or graduation assignment.

More information about Hogeschool Inholland:

Obtained results

You can read the results of the use of young talent in the run-up to and during SAIL 2015 below.

From April 2014 to SAIL Amsterdam 2015: 281
  • 43 young talents as an individual for 3 months or more: At the SAIL office or SAIL partners: starters / trainees, trainees and graduates, the majority of (former) HBO students, but also 6 MBO students and 1 WO student.
  • 16 young talents as a team of GNR8: Mix of MBO and HBO students who did an internship at apprenticeship company GNR8 (for films, photos, reports)
  • 67 young talents spread over 11 project groups: 43 HBO students, 5 MBO students, 5 HAVO students and 14 unemployed young people from Amsterdam
  • 125 young talents as a class with joint assignment: All MBO-level
  • 30 young talents as temporary support during 1 or a few days: 29 MBO and 1 HBO level
During SAIL Amsterdam 2015: 543
  • 295 young talents as service employees in support of security: students from ROCvA Security College, div. training courses (275) and ROCvF Security Council (20)
  • 150 young talents as eco-teams Students of ROCvA facility services
  • 55 young talents as hosts / hostesses Students of ROCvA hotel school & tourism (50) and ROCvA airport / stewardess (5)
  • 22 young talents deployed on various volunteer tasks, such as public education, team leaders eco-teams, hosts / hostesses, promotion, communication, support production Young talents and students of different levels and disciplines
  • 15 young talents as “reporters” for communication teamMix of MBO and HBO students
  • 6 young talents in support of crew party Unemployed young people participating in project B-Challenged

The founders of SAIL Academy have years of experience in education and business. From a clear vision they connect young talent with (partners of) SAIL. How they add value to the future of both young people and companies, we let them tell this themselves.

Margit Bosch

Margit Bosch helps SAIL and the partners of SAIL to formulate event issues correctly, so that they fit in with the experience of young talent, fit within the competences of education, but also meet the needs of SAIL or SAIL’s partners.
“Get the best out of yourself.” That’s my motto.

With 12.5 years of experience in higher education, I know that young people can only find out how and where they can get the best out of themselves, if they first “taste” life by working, traveling and / or internships.

At the same time, I see education and the business world struggle with the question of how they can get the best out of (young) talent – and sometimes also of themselves – but also with which talent best matches their organization.

It is my mission to inspire and strengthen as many people, of different ages and cultures, as possible to get the best out of themselves. I do this through my own company A Bunch of Choices, but now also through SAIL Academy.”

Mail margit@sail.nl

René Blom

René Blom is the connector, supercharger and motivator. At SAIL Academy he ensures that all parties involved come and stay as close as possible.
“Show beauty.” That’s my motto.

My years of experience within the event industry, education and my company Listo Events has made me realize that it is not self-evident that you can surround yourself with mere and curious, motivated and ambitious young people. But they are everywhere!

SAIL Academy offers these young people a stage where the talent comes to life and gets all the space.
My mission is to showcase this young talent, make it visible to the outside world and in this way contribute to a further step in their professional career.

These guys work on various SAIL-related issues where we guide them to achieve a successful result. This creates a team of driven people who follow their passion.
My role as a connector, supercharger and motivator will contribute to make it a visible and close-knit team – each with their own story and their own performance – that goes for the full 100%. In short, a team to be proud of!”

Mail rene@sail.nl

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