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SAIL Relations

Family, Friends, Fans and Fellows

SAIL cannot be organised without the contribution of our sponsors and partners whom we call Friends, Family, Fans and Fellows. Would you like to contribute to SAIL Amsterdam 2020 with your company? Please contact us. We are happy to talk to you!


The SAIL Family consists of organizations that have traditionally been linked together around SAIL Amsterdam. SAIL wouldn’t be the same without them. They ensure solidarity and social involvement. During SAIL Amsterdam 2020 they support us again for the tenth time and make an indispensable contribution. That creates a bond. A bond so valuable and strong, that must be family.


The Friends of SAIL are the main sponsors of SAIL. They are of great importance for the event, not only financially but as a Friend they are also an essential part of the whole. They develop various activities in the heart of the SAIL area, around the Tall Ships, naval ships and the sailing heritage. Also for SAIL Amsterdam 2020 we hope, as in the previous editions, to bind five Friends to us. With our Friends we like to build an unforgettable edition.


SAIL is also strongly connected to their Fans. For example SAIL Amsterdam 2015 was made possible by these Fans. We also have extensive possibilities for our Fans to present themselves during SAIL Amsterdam 2020. Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Then please contact us. We are happy to talk to you.


The Fellows of SAIL are very valuable for the event and provide a financial contribution or a contribution in kind. SAIL Amsterdam 2015 was made possible by the following Fellows. Do you want to become a Fellow of SAIL Amsterdam 2020? Contact us. We are happy to talk to you.

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