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SAIL Family

Traditionally connected

The SAIL Family consists of parties that have traditionally been linked together around the SAIL Amsterdam event. SAIL wouldn’t be the same without them. They ensure solidarity and social involvement. During SAIL Amsterdam 2020 they support us again for the tenth time and make an indispensable contribution. That creates a bond. A band so valuable and strong, that must be family.

Municipality of Amsterdam

SAIL is rooted in Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam makes an important contribution to every edition of SAIL. We welcome the loyal cooperation of “our” municipality.

Free event

Amsterdam and SAIL are closely connected from the first edition. A committee of sailing enthusiasts approached the municipality with the idea of a large-scale sailing event and the city council was immediately enthusiastic. At the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the capital in 1975, the municipality gave the Amsterdammers SAIL as a free accessible party. The event was such a success that Amsterdam decided to repeat in 1980. To guide the organization in the right direction, the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation was established in 1977. Since then, the SAIL foundation has been organizing the event every five years and the event is indispensable from the port of Amsterdam.

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Good atmosphere and organization
The people of Amsterdam have embraced SAIL from the beginning, especially the residents and entrepreneurs who live and work in the SAIL area. No less than 88 percent of the residents in the area have visited the event themselves. Residents and entrepreneurs rate SAIL on average by 8.1. For the closing fireworks, thousands were looking for a good spot on the banks of the IJ in time. The organization and the city have always succeeded in making SAIL a party for all residents, visitors and entrepreneurs.
There were 700,000 visitors in 1975 to the first edition of SAIL, they came from all corners of the world. That number then rose steadily every five years; in 2015, no less than 2.3 million people visited the sailing event. Together they spent more than ninety million euros in total. The Amsterdam middle class, the catering industry and the hotel industry therefore benefit every five years from the presence of SAIL. The Tall Ships, special boats and festivities also have a great attraction to foreign visitors.

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Royal Netherlands Navy

‘Past meets present’
A saying that perfectly expresses the relationship of the Royal Netherlands Navy with SAIL. Modern Dutch navy ships, together with age-old Tall Ships, adorn the Amsterdam IJ. You can view and visit them during this nautical event in Amsterdam.

The involvement of the Royal Netherlands Navy during SAIL Amsterdam is very large. Naval ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy have been participating in the event for many years. During SAIL you can also visit on board some naval ships. Navy people guide you around and talk about their work. For example, how it is to fight pirates, clean up mines or intercept drugs.

Safety on and off the sea
The Royal Netherlands Navy has been committed to safety on and off the sea for centuries. Fleet and marines work together to ensure maritime safety in the Netherlands, and also far beyond.

For more information click here, or follow the Royal Navy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

North Sea Canal Municipalities

SAIL Amsterdam and the North Sea Canal municipalities are connected to each other as a Family. Without the enthusiastic efforts of these municipalities, no ship would reach the Amsterdam IJ port.

The SAIL Amsterdam party starts in the North Sea Canal municipalities
SAIL Amsterdam, Europe’s largest freely accessible nautical event, starts in the North Sea Canal. When the ships are welcomed during the SAIL In they are welcomed there, on shore of the North Sea Canal municipalities. When the ships choose the spacious suds during the Thank You Parade we wave them along that same shore again.

North Sea Canal Municipalities are Family of SAIL
SAIL Amsterdam and the North Sea Canal municipalities are connected to each other as a Family. Without the enthusiastic efforts of these municipalities, no ship would reach the Amsterdam IJ harbour.

North sea canal municipalities | Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude

The municipality of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude is a beautiful green municipality between Haarlem and Amsterdam. The municipality forms a natural, green buffer in the Randstad. The municipality of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude has three residential areas: Halfweg, Haarlemmerliede and Spaarndam. The town hall is in Halfweg.

Recreational area Spaarnwoude
The recreational area Spaarnwoude offers many opportunities for relaxation. Here you can enjoy the typical Dutch peat meadow area and get acquainted with the many monuments. In the area you will also find parks, playgrounds, canoes, a climbing wall and an information farm.

The monuments and buildings in the municipality are certainly worth a visit. Take a look at the Stoomgemaal and the Medieval church the Stompe Toren.
Whether you like culture, nature or recreation, the municipality of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude offers you all these possibilities.
Read more about the municipality here.

North sea canal municipalities | Zaanstad

It happens in the Zaan region: Picknick in the polder, dine in industrial heritage, dance in North Sea Venue, grab a terrace on the Dam or watch beautiful ships along the water; The Zaanstreek is more than worth a visit!

The Zaanse industrial tradition of shipbuilding and sailmakers fits in perfectly with the impressive SAIL.

Read more about the municipality here.

North sea canal municipalities | Velsen/IJmuiden

IJmuiden is part of the Velsen municipality. Apart from the coastal town of IJmuiden, Velsen has a glorious hinterland. Look for the secrets of the historic country houses, the bunkers and the Fort Island. All of them treasures from the past.

IJmuiden, a tough harbor town with an adventurous coast
IJmuiden is part of the Velsen municipality. Apart from the coastal town of IJmuiden, Velsen has a glorious hinterland. Look for the secrets of the historic country houses, the bunkers and the Fort Island. All of them treasure from the past.
IJmuiden has everything a nature, culture and water sports enthusiast could wish for. An authentic port and a beautiful coast.
IJmuiden has various types of ports. From fishing port, industrial port to (sea) marina. But the impressive lock complex, the piers and the cruise and ferry shipping also make this port location special.

Visit the website of IJmuiden Rauw aan Zee here.

North sea canal municipalities | Beverwijk

The municipality Beverwijk consists of the city Beverwijk and the village Wijk aan Zee. The municipality has more than 40,000 inhabitants and is part of the IJmond cooperation region.

Beverwijk has good connections with cities in the area and there is a wide range of facilities, employment and recreational opportunities. Beverwijk is best known at De Bazaar, the largest covered market in Europe.

Read more about the municipality here.

Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam Authority manages and develops the Amsterdam port area. In addition, it directs sustainable economic development in the Amsterdam port region.

Role during SAIL
The Harbour Master’s Division of Port of Amsterdam regulates, supervises and facilitates shipping at SAIL Amsterdam. Together with the KLPD and the Inland Waterways Service Amsterdam, the Port of Amsterdam Authority is responsible for safety on the water in the SAIL area and for the proper flow of shipping traffic on the IJ and in the North Sea Canal.

De port of Amsterdam: important hub
The Amsterdam Port Region is one of the world’s most important logistics hubs. This region consists of the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Velsen / IJmuiden. With a cargo traffic of 100 million tons per year, it is the fourth largest port in Europe. It is also the largest cocoa and largest petrol port in the world and provides employment for 59,000 jobs. Approximately 150 sea cruise ships and 1,500 river cruise ships with a total of more than 650,000 passengers arrive annually at the port.

Port of partnerships
For Port of Amsterdam, Port of Partnerships means working together with inspiring partners, such as port business, other ports, knowledge institutes and governments. The port plays an important role in the regional economy. The Port of Amsterdam is committed to this and attaches great importance to social appreciation. It wants to contribute to strengthening the international position of the port and the region. From sustainability and a liveable environment. The importance of the port region goes beyond the municipal boundaries.

The Amsterdam port was created in the thirteenth century, when goods such as beer, grain and wood were loaded and unloaded at the Damrak (center). Soon the port had international trade contacts. In the Golden (seventeenth) Century Amsterdam was the most important port in the world. After a low point in French times, the port once again lived through the construction of the North Holland Canal and the North Sea Canal in the nineteenth century. The port expanded further and further to the current industrial port complex in the western part of the city.

Read more about Port of Amsterdam here or follow the port company on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Province of Noord-Holland

SAIL is rooted in Amsterdam and feels at home in the Province of North Holland. During SAIL Amsterdam it is not only a party in the city of Amsterdam. Also in the North Sea Canal municipalities, also in the Province of North Holland. The deployment of the Province really makes this unique event for everyone.

Go to the website of Provincie Noord-Holland.

SAIL Society Amsterdam

SAIL Society Amsterdam is a club of enterprising and socially engaged people with a strong nautical affinity. The most important role of the Society is to help realize and guarantee the continuity of the SAIL Amsterdam event.
Thanks to SAIL Society Amsterdam, SAIL Amsterdam’s ideas remain alive and can work on a strong brand. The Society is active within the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation and supports the development of nautical Amsterdam in the broadest sense of the word.

Members of SAIL Society Amsterdam support SAIL commercially, professionally and creatively. Read more on this website about the SAIL Society and how to become a member.


SAIL Academy

Education is a very important link in SAIL Academy’s mission. Without education at both MBO and HBO level, there is no supply of young talent that can sparkle, inspire, innovate, create, produce, facilitate, organize, receive and assist in both preparations and implementation of SAIL and related events / activities.

In addition to trainees, educational institutions also provide project groups from minors, students for research assignments, volunteers in the preparation and execution, etc.
SAIL Academy and the schools together seek traditional and new (educational) forms, in line with the criteria of the relevant study programs, to give as much suitable and motivated talent as possible from a wide range of disciplines the opportunity to gain experience at SAIL.

SAIL is very proud and happy with its education partners, the suppliers of SAIL’s young talent, who also belong to the SAIL family

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