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Sustainable Compass

Example function when it comes to sustainability

SAIL has an important exemplary function when it comes to sustainability. The city of Amsterdam sets strict sustainability requirements in its events policy from January 2020 onwards.

Sustainable compass for SAIL Amsterdam 2020

We will set a sustainable compass for SAIL Amsterdam 2020, just like for SAIL Amsterdam 2015. A compass that gives direction to the sustainable and responsible course that we have in mind with SAIL. We want to be not only the biggest event in the Netherlands, but also limit the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Ideas for a sustainable edition?

Do you have concrete and feasible ideas for a sustainable SAIL Amsterdam 2020? Think with us and contact Marit Merkus, Quartermaster SAIL Event Partners.


Numbers about SAIL Amsterdam 2015

  • The waste was collected in 700 containers.
  • 200 employees and volunteers worked day and night to keep the whole SAIL area clean and free of waste.
  • Plastic Whale kept the IJ clean with no less than three sloops.
  • The ‘regular waste’ of the Tall Ships, such as organic waste, paper and glass, was collected daily by 4 special ships.
  • The gray water (waste water) of the Tall Ships was collected daily by 2 ships.
  • The entire public route was cleaned up every night.
  • In 5 environmental sites the collected waste from caterers and visitors was removed by special waste teams.
  • 3 inspectors supervised correct sorting behavior of waste producers (commercial).

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