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It was the year of 1568 when the Eighty Years’ War began. An era in which a lot of blood was shed, and countries were divided. A period in which no one could escape the authority of the Spanish Empire and the world would shiver and shake after only listening to stories about the legendary ships of Armada Invincible. A war domination..

The Peace of Münster, 371 years and (thankfully) some common sense later, Dutch-Spanish history would be written again. But this time, it would be a story about collaboration. Not in the previous frightening Armada Invincible- kind of way. No. This time it was the idealistic and creative Amarras setting sail to The Netherlands. Ready to knot cultures to concepts, contributing to society.

Three of our Amarras warriors: Andrea, Inez and Maria, find their roots in Madrid, Spain. The ladies study in different years of creative studies such as marketing. The others come from different areas of the Netherlands. Emma picked up her wonderful accent in Enschede and Kari was born in Gouda, known for the cheese. All of us share a passion for photography and, luckily, the same sense of humour. ‘Gezellig’ and ‘motivated’ are words we would use to describe our collaboration so far and we can’t wait to create a realistic, fun and most of all successful concept for SAIL Amsterdam 2020!

Together with the SAIL Academy we will be working on a concept which will connect young students and the elderly in Amsterdam. Our main goal is to have a more diverse SAIL Amsterdam than ever before. We believe in teamwork and the inclusion of people with less resources. SAIL Amsterdam is an amazing event where everybody can learn about the different cultures and the beauty of the nautical world and therefore many more people deserve to know about the event!

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