SAIL Amsterdam 2015 exceeds all expectations

It’s been a successful, relaxed and convivial SAIL Amsterdam 2015 

Amsterdam, 23 August 2015 – For five days, Amsterdam was the centre of the nautical world. Nearly 2.3 million people enjoyed the event to the fullest: the Tall Ships, the heritage ships, all the cultural events and the entertainment, the innovative ‘Oceans’ structure, the National SAIL debate and the relaxed atmosphere. SAIL’s event centre got quite a bit bigger and more relevant in this edition. Thanks to the visitors, the volunteers, the sponsors and the huge effort and dedication of so many people, SAIL Amsterdam 2015 has exceeded all expectations.

The stunning Tall Ships have been and always will be at the heart of SAIL Amsterdam. But the addition of new elements has made SAIL Amsterdam more relevant and meaningful, and so SAIL Amsterdam 2015 offered not only a window to the past, but also a look into the future. The seemingly infinite amount of stories, the inspiring, illustrative examples of historic ships and the amazing visual experience that saw everyone’s imagination run wild literally brought the SAIL Amsterdam 2015 motto to life. All of the Netherlands could enjoy SAIL Amsterdam for a full five days. And hundreds of young people have had an unforgettable work experience.

Thanks to the crowd control system and the fact that access to the Oranjehaven (the IJ harbour) was strictly regulated, movement of people and ships was in a constant and disciplined flow, and any uncontrollable or unsafe situations could be avoided.

Arie Jan de Waard, chairman of the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation (Stichting SAIL Amsterdam, SSA), said: “SAIL Amsterdam 2015 has been an unforgettable experience, not only for the visitors, but also for all the crews of the ships. The hospitality with which Amsterdam has opened itself to the world for SAIL Amsterdam has been incomparable. Crews from many different cultures are now connected to each other, to the city and to the enthusiastic audiences. For that reason SAIL Amsterdam 2015 has also been an amazing experience for the organisers. The cooperation between the City of Amsterdam, the municipalities along the North Sea Canal, the Amsterdam Port Authority, all operational and security services and our own organisation went swimmingly. And I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this successful edition of SAIL Amsterdam.

Erwin van Lambaart, Director of SAIL Event Partners (SEP), added: “It was certainly an event to be proud of. I am so impressed by the calmness and expertise with which we, all together, were able to realise and experience this grand event. There were no golden medals to be awarded, but I would have liked to deal out two million of them. In my opinion, this SAIL has also shown that there can be a perfect balance between ‘free entry’ and ‘commercial sponsorship.’ It’s a combination that can guarantee a strong future potential for SAIL Amsterdam. Without the support of all the sponsors, companies, business partners and the 50,000 hospitality guests we wouldn’t have been able to make the Netherlands’ biggest free event such a beautiful one.” 

The next edition of SAIL Amsterdam will take place in August 2020. 

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