General, Press release, 10 September 2018

Atyla first international Tall Ship

SAIL in Amsterdam is very pleased to announce the Atyla from Spain as the first Tall Ship in the lineup for SAIL Amsterdam 2020. The 10th edition of SAIL in Amsterdam takes place from 12-16 Augustus 2020.

Atyla Ship Foundation is a Spanish charity dedicated to providing adventure experiences for personal development all over Europe. These experiences happen on sailing voyages that are five to twelve days long and are open to people of all ages above 15. The participants are considered part of the crew, so the experienced sailors on board provide them with some basic practical lessons and guidance to be able to navigate the tall ship. The project is funded by the individuals that join the sailing voyages, as well as by organisations that hire the ship for events and team-building retreats.
Mitra van Raalten, Director SAIL Amsterdam Foundation: “We are really proud to welcome Atyla, this beautiful ship with unique history. Atyla is the first of many international Tall Ships we hope to welcome in Amsterdam.” Alfonso Garzón, Head of Operations of the Atyla Ship Foundation adds: “We look forward to arriving in Amsterdam as the setting of SAIL in Amsterdam is magnificent and the 10th edition will hopefully be even more spectacular.”

History of the Atyla Ship Foundation

The ship was designed from scratch and built by hand in Spain between 1979 and 1984 by a man who had never sailed before. The first thirty years the ship was mainly used for day trips and representation services. Since 2014 the social innovation project was started by the new owner, dedicating the ship to adventure experiences for personal development and thus creating the Atyla Ship Foundation.

Line-up SAIL Amsterdam 2020

Atyla is the first international Tall Ship. Apart from Atyla, the flagship of the previous editions since 2000, the Dutch Clipper Stad Amsterdam will again set sail to Amsterdam as flagship on Wednesday 12 August 2020. The sail training ship Urania, owned by the Royal Netherlands Navy, has also already shown its commitment to SAIL Amsterdam 2020.


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