De Gotheborg met een scheven mast op de voorkant in de oceaan

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Rich history


This magnificent replica of the ship of the same name, which belonged to the Swedish East India Company (1731-1813), makes all hearts beat faster. It was built between 1994 and 2004 and left some time later for a historic trip to China, as a make-over of the journeys that the original ‘Gotheborg’ also made. The voyage to the Far East was lucrative and the ships returned richly loaded in Europe and in this case in Götheborg, the home port of the ship and stronghold of the SEIC.

In 1744 the original ship returned from China for the third time, loaded with tea, porcelain, silk, zinc, spices and more exotic goods. The return journey lasted thirty months, because she was waiting five thousand months for a favorable wind. On September 12, 1745, the Swedish coast finally arrived and the port of Gothenburg! While everyone walked out to welcome her, the ship ran on a rock just in front of the harbor, made water and sank! All crew members were saved, but the ship was completely lost. Part of the precious cargo could still be saved, another part not. But owing to the payment of the insurance, a profit of more than 17% could still be paid to the shareholders.

Construction year

1995 – 2003





Sail area


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