De Tsjechische vlag van het Tall Ship La Grace wappert in de wind

Tall Ships

La Grace

Replica of the adventurous La Grace from the 18th century

La Grace

This replica of a historic Tall Ship from the 18th century, sails the Seven Seas just like the original ship with the same name that did 300 years ago. The aim is to offer this opportunity to all who are interested in sailing with a historic ship.

It was built between 2008 and 2010 by a group of volunteers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, at an Egyptian shipyard in Suez using traditional means. The brigantine was designed by its owners (Josef Dvorsky and Daniel Rosecky), after the technical drawings that were published in 1768 in Sweden.

According to historical sources, the original ‘La Grace’ was under the command of the first Czech captain Augustin Herrman, who was among others employed by the Dutch VOC. After he left here he sailed for many years on the ship ‘La Grace’. The relatively small and fragile ship, however, brought in a lot of prize money in New Amsterdam, which she conquered on Spanish galleons in the Caribbean. Hermann became one of the directors alongside Peter Stuyvesant, who led Nieuw Amsterdam to a new future.

De La Grace is 23.7 meters long, has a draft of 2.8 meters and comes from the Czech Republic.


Construction year

2008 – 2010








Sail area


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