De clipper Stad Amsterdam vaart door de zee terwijl de golven tegen de boot slaan
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Stad Amsterdam

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Stad Amsterdam

The Stad Amsterdam is a special three-master: a clipper built after its illustrious predecessors in the 19th century.

The City of Amsterdam is also special for another reason: the construction of this three-master was an initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam and Randstad and the project offered younger unemployed people and school-leavers employment, education and a unique experience. Still young people on board are trained in the sailor profession and hospitality.

The construction of the three-masted Clipper Stad Amsterdam took three years. The ship then entered service in 2000. The City of Amsterdam blows new life into the history of the clippers: the design is based on the clippers that were developed around 1850 and which were very successful due to their speed. Nowhere in the world do original clippers sail. The only one remaining, the Cutty Sark, is now a museum piece in a dock in Greenwich, England.

Since 2000 a clipper has been sailing again: the City of Amsterdam. She sails under the Dutch flag as a passenger ship and on the sixty-meter-long wooden deck the passengers can enjoy the towering rig, the enormous yards and the endless amount of rope work. The ship has fourteen luxury passenger cabins, a spacious longroom (for dinners and presentations) and a bar on deck. The City of Amsterdam is available for business events, beautiful cruises and adventurous tours for individuals.

Construction year

1997 – 2000

Last re-fit









Sail area


Speed under SAIL


Present at SAIL

2000, 2005, 2010, 2015




28 – 200

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Clipper Stad Amsterdam omringt door mensen met de Nederlandse vlag aan de achterkant

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