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SAIL Amsterdam, we are glad we can call you to “Be Our Guest”

In the late fall of 2018 we were put together by chance and we formed a creative advice and research group. We are (from left to right) Giara Brown (German), Runólfur Arnarson (Icelander) , Anastasia Kashcheieva (Ukrainian), Hidde Stegink (Dutch), Natasha van den Anker (Dutch) and together we are “Be Our Guest”.

We are driven by the feeling of finding answers after doing research and by that helping our client. Our team is driven by pure enthusiasm towards finding and solving inconveniences in great projects like; SAIL 2020. We make sure that every member of our team is highly involved in the process from start to finish and we’re always making sure we’re working together to achieve the best results possible. Be Our Guest is a team from The University of applied science Inholland in Haarlem. We are first year students and we are studying International Creative Business. As we like to say; “We’re all born with music in our ears”. Thinking about music, events and the correlated feelings and results trigger us to create a brand new and unique experience.

Because we are an international team, we are able to give each other new perspectives and ideas about the world around us. Members from our team are from the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Iceland and Germany.

We are glad that we can join the SAIL Academy team and we hope to successfully contribute to the upcoming edition.


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