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Christian Radich


  • Type: Three-masted barque
  • Year of construction: 1937
  • Latst re-fit: —
  • Flag: Norway
  • Home port: Oslo
  • Length: 62,5 meters
  • Width: 9,7 meters
  • Depth: 4,7 meters
  • Height: 37,7 meters
  • Sail area: 1360 m²
  • Speed under sail: —
  • Crew: 30 people
  • Trainees: up to 85 people
  • Visit to SAIL Amsterdam: 1990, 2000, 2015

The ‘white lady’

This beautiful white ‘lady’ was built in 1937 and became known for her role in the television series The Onedin Line from the seventies. She never sailed as a cargo ship, but was immediately built as a school ship in Norway. The initiator was a businessman and owner of a large timber company. He loved the sea and always listened carefully to all the stories of his nephew, who was captain. That inspired him to build this ship. With the exception of the Second World War, Christian Radich has always sailed as a training ship from Oslo, also the home of the original owner.

The foundation that keeps the ship in service also has a contract with the Norwegian navy, which provides the finances with a certain basis. But as with all other large sailing ships, it remains difficult to keep a ship of this caliber in service and to comply with all strict (Norwegian) regulations. She has a permanent crew of around 20 people and can take a maximum of 80 trainees.
SAIL Amsterdam 2015 is proud to welcome these big and impressive windjammers. They continue to inspire people, amaze and form the core of SAIL! This is what SAIL is all about. Together with all her beautiful sisters in the IJhaven, SAIL promises to be a great event for that reason alone.
The Christian Radich is 58.86 meters long, has a draft of 4.7 meters and comes from Norway.

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