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  • Type: Three-masted ship
  • Year of construction: 1987
  • Latst re-fit: –
  • Flag: Rusia
  • Home port: St Petersburg
  • Length: 109 meters
  • Width: 13,90 meters
  • Depth: 6,40 meters
  • Height: 50,10 meters
  • Sail area: 2771 m²
  • Speed under sail: up to 12 knots
  • Crew: 55 people
  • Passengers: 96 cadets / trainees
  • Visit to SAIL Amsterdam: 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015

Traditional sailing

The name means ‘Peace’! The ship is used for sail training of the students at her university. In addition, it is also used for training in maritime sciences and oceanography. She was built in 1987 in Poland. The ship is equipped with a complete infirmary and even has a surgeon on board. There are no winches or winches, so it is traditionally sailed.

This well-known Russian three-masted ship is a welcome guest and has been in the Netherlands many times. But she always attracts many visitors. As a sail training ship from the Admiral Makarov State University in St Petersburg, she also regularly participates in the Tall Ships Races. She is one of the fastest ships and has many victories to her name. Sisterships include the Polish Dar Mlodziezy, the Khersones and Druzhba from Ukraine, the Nadezhda and Pallada from Vladivostok, Russia.

Her first and most famous captain was Victor Antonov, who led the ship to the Tall Ships Races up to old age. SAIL Amsterdam is proud to welcome the MIR in this event, in which Sailtraining is so important for young people. The MIR is more than 109 meters long and normally has 55 crew members and 96 cadets or trainees.

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