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Henna, Arturo, Emma, Esmay, Ilse

The story of Sailors

Henna is a 22-year-old student from Finland. She is studying Tourism and Hospitality Management in Laurea, university of applied sciences back in Finland and is now an exchange student at Inholland hogeschool Diemen. In the future she would like to work with international people from different cultures.

Arturo is a 21-year-old student from Spain who is studying Tourism at the Tourism University School of Zaragoza. Currently, he is an Erasmus student at the Inholland hogeschool Diemen attending the Concepting & Events course.

Emma (22), Esmay (21) and Ilse (21) are Dutch students, studying Leisure & Events Management at hogeschool Inholland Diemen. They are following the English version of the minor Concepting & Events to work with international students and challenge themselves.

We all come from different cultures which is a good starting point for this project; different perspectives working together to achieve main goals.

We would like to connect the cultures of the ships with the cultures in the city of Amsterdam. We want to create a concept that is useful for SAIL Amsterdam 2020. We are a motivated group; we work hard to achieve our goals. Our goals are to be innovating and to involve culture backgrounds that are not so likely to come to SAIL.

SAIL is a big international event. When the teacher told us about the projects, we were immediately triggered to choose the project of SAIL Amsterdam 2020. Thus, we look forward to collaborate with SAIL to make the event more inclusive.

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