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SAIL Academy

Developing talent

Build up your experience during SAIL

The SAIL academy is all about talent and we offer various internships and other work experience options. Of course we have our own requirements but we are keen to find out what you consider to be important, what makes you passionate and how working at SAIL can contribute to your education. This means you will not only develop ties to SAIL, but with the other companies and local authorities which are involved. In all, SAIL is a great place to work on your talent and to benefit our partners at the same time.

Are you a young talent who wants to work for SAIL and do you want to:

Devote your talent, curiosity and ambition to working on both your skills and for SAIL over the next six months?
Include a unique event like SAIL on your CV?
Work together with other top talents to make SAIL a fantastic success and something to be really proud of?

Tell us about your passions and talents in a way that inspires you. Please don’t forget to include your CV as well as your personal introduction.

Join us on board the SAIL Academy
Email your CV or request for more information to Margit Bosch (, or phone 06 41370431.

SAIL Academy


Here is how our young talents fared during SAIL 2015.

Total young talents from April 2014 to SAIL Amsterdam 2015: 281

– 43 young talents worked for three months or more
– 16 young talents joined the GNR8 team
– 67 young talents worked for 11 different project groups
– 125 young talents formed a class with a common commission
– 30 young talents acted as temporary support

Total young talents from April 2014 to SAIL Amsterdam 2015: 281

– 295 young talents were service workers
– 150 young talents were on the eco team
– 55 young talents were hosts
– 22 young talents took on various volunteer roles
– 16 young talents were reporters for the communications team
– 6 young talents helped support the crew party

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