Make a Wave!

Step aboard for the 10th edition of SAIL! Together, we'll make waves of camaraderie and inspiration: will you sail with us?

20 - 24 august 2025

We will meet each other at SAIL 2025

In 2025, we will celebrate the 750th anniversary of our capital with the 10th edition of SAIL Amsterdam. Ships, crew members, and visitors from around the world will come together to celebrate nautical history and diverse worldviews. It’s a celebration for everyone, for the Netherlands Waterland, connecting young and old from all cultures. Step aboard & make a wave!

300+ ships
+ 2.000.000 visitors
5 days camaraderie


How can we continue to enjoy a liveable world in the future? Visionary Wavemakers speak out!


During SAIL, cultures from around the world come together. Five days of camaraderie on the water and the quayside: what can we learn from it?

Talent development

Nothing more appealing than talent in action! Towards SAIL, as many talents, young and old, get the opportunity to develop their unique qualities.

The ships of SAIL 2025


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300 ships
uit 24 countries
4 type of ships