Bemanning van de ARC Gloria staan in de masten van het schip
Confirmed 2020

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ARC Gloria

Robust and original

ARC Gloria

With its huge flag, its enthusiastic crew members and the beautiful presentation when entering a port, the ‘ARC Gloria’ is high on the wish list of Sail events worldwide. SAIL Amsterdam 2015 was therefore extremely proud that – after yea*s of absence – the ‘ARC Gloria’ once again participated in SAIL!

Tenured in 1966 and put into service on September 7, 1968, she has since been a welcome guest in the world. She is the flagship of the Colombian Navy and is used as a training ship for both young officers and sailors. The name ‘Gloria’ is derived from the Colombian anthem ‘Oh gloria inmarcesible’ (O Unfading Glory). When the men are on the ra’s – on entering the ship in a harbor – they sing this song. Which in turn leads to emotional feelings among the spectators, all over the world. ARC stands for ‘Armada National de la República de Colombia’.

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1980, 1985, 2000, 2015


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