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The ship that really sails

The bark Europa has been sailing over all the oceans since 1994 and has built up a reputation as a ship that really sails. A professional crew of 14 and a maximum of 48 guest crew members of all ages and nationalities sail the ship. Her expedition trips around Antarctica have been known and loved by many for years. Last year she undertook a world tour, together with the Dutch Tall Ships Oosterschelde and Tecla, during which they participated, among others, in festivities in Sydney / Australia. During SAIL Amsterdam 2015, these ships will be able to reinforce their friendly ties with Down Under, because the Young Endeavor from that continent will also be present. For many visitors a unique opportunity to visit the Europe in Amsterdam! A special ship with special stories.

The Europa was built in 1911 in Hamburg under the name Senator Brockes. The ship would be used as a lightship on the Elbe. Under the name ‘Elbe 3’ she first served as a lightship and later as a spare ship. In 1986 the ship was taken to the Netherlands. In eight years time it has been completely converted: the hold has been comfortably furnished and the ship was witnessed as Bark. Her length is 56 meters

The figurehead of the Europe: reference to Greek Mythology
Europe was one of the many lovers of the God Zeus from Greek Mythology. Europe was a beautiful but mortal woman and daughter of King Agenor. The Legend of Europe and Zeus begins when the ruler of Olympia turns his eyes on the beautiful Europe. From the first moment Zeus is very impressed by her beauty and grace. Zeus is forging a plan to conquer ‘his’ Europe.

He took the form of a beautiful white bull and swims to the shore where Europe and her friends are playing. Europe and her friends find the bull so beautiful that they start to stroke it. After a while, Europe feels so comfortable that she decides to climb on the bull’s back for a ride.

However, once Europe is strong, the bull runs to the sea while Europe is lagging behind. Together they cross the water. Their strange, unstoppable adventure eventually leads them to the Greek island of Crete. Once arrived in Crete, Zeus reveals his true divine identity to Europe. The mortal Europe thus becomes one of Zeus’ many loved ones.

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Three-masted barque


the Netherlands











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1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015


Johanna Lucretia

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