Johanna Lucretia vaart in de rivier met heuvel-achtig landschap op de achtergrond

Tall Ships

Johanna Lucretia

From fishing ship to elegant schooner

Johanna Lucretia

Although it was once built as a fishing ship in 1945, it never sailed as such. After she left the Rhoose Shipyard in Ghent-Belgium, she was soon used for other purposes by her owner. In 1954 she was converted into a recreational ship to make holiday trips. This elegant schooner has a classic oak trunk with beautiful lines.

In the years that followed, she changed owners a number of times and eventually came under the English flag.

In 2008 she was bought by Rodger Barton, who also became her skipper herself. He carried out major ship maintenance with upgrades for all systems so that they can sail around the world in Tall Ship Regattas. In 2012 she became first in the STI Regatta. More recently she participated in the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014 in the Black Sea.

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