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From 12 until 16 August 2020

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The 10th edition of SAIL Amsterdam

Set sail to SAIL Amsterdam 2020 and experience this journey with us. We are delighted to announce that this unique event is connecting the past, the present and the future since 1975.

Countdown has begun

It seems quite a long time away but SAIL will be there before you know. From 12 until 16 August 2020 Amsterdam will be the decor for prestigious Tall Ships, the sailing legacy and navy ships. We can’t wait but there is still a lot to do before the first ship passes through the sea locks of ‘IJmuiden’, sails to Amsterdam and moors at the quays of our beautiful capital. From all corners of the worlds, ships will set course to Amsterdam. Are you coming too?


The 2020 edition is a unique one! We are working on SAIL Amsterdam 2020 with a passionate team, just to make this anniversary edition one we will never forget!

Official website

This is the official website for SAIL Amsterdam 2020, so check this website for the latest developments, possibilities and information.

About us

Innovate, connect and amaze!

SAIL is, with the international Tall Ships as decor, the largest public event of the Netherlands. Since 1975 SAIL has grown into the Europe’s largest free-access nautical event. Every five years, roughly 600 ships sail through the ‘Noordzeekanaal’ to moor in and around the ‘IJ-haven’. But remember: SAIL is not just a five day event, every five years. We invite everyone to be part of SAIL Amsterdam 2020 and by being part of SAIL, you will also be part of an event that centralizes connections, innovation and amazement. Please feel welcome!

Aftermovie SAIL 2015

You can still enjoy SAIL Amsterdam 2015 by watching our official aftermovie.

The only official sales channel.

SAIL.nl is the only official sales channel of SAIL Amsterdam 2020.

Other providers have NO access to the SAIL-area where the Tall-ships are.

Hospitality packages


We are busy developing different hospitality packages for SAIL Amsterdam 2020. Are you interested in our hospitality possibilities? Let us know by filling out the form below so we can notify you once they’re ready. By doing so you will be assured of sailing the ‘IJ-haven’ and its beautiful scenery!

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Tall Ships

The SAIL scenery

During SAIL Amsterdam 2020 everyone will be amazed by all the beautiful ships that give SAIL its characteristics. You can find all the information about the different ships here.


Do you want to be part of SAIL Amsterdam 2020? We expect to get a fantastic line-up of Tall Ships for the 10th edition of SAIL Amsterdam.

Please send an email to info@sail.nl and the Tall Ship Collective of SAIL Amsterdam Foundation will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please download here our factsheet for the 10th edition of SAIL Amsterdam.

Crew wanted

All hands on deck!

It is not just dreaming about the magical and historical stories about famous sailors and trading, but we also need all hands on deck to organise Europe’s largest free-access nautical event.
Are you the right person for the job? Just check for job openings down here.

Would you like to join the SAIL Team? Please find here our job vacancies.

Are you still studying but in need of experience? Have a look on what suits you down here at SAIL Academy

Are you the Sail hero that we need? Get aboard on one of the Tall Ships en experience life at sea. Many sailors went before you. Are you seizing this unique opportunity?

Registrering as a SAIL Amsterdam 2020 volunteer will be available from January 1st 2019


Family, Friends, Fans en Fellows

SAIL Amsterdam 2020 won’t be possible without contributions from our partners. We call these partners our Family, Friends, Fans and Fellows. For this special anniversary, which is also the last step towards Amsterdam 750 years, we would like to get in contact with you.


Stay notified

Are you also curious about SAIL Amsterdam 2020 and do you want to stay notified about the latest developments? We will send a newsletter at least every three months, starting in 2019. All you have to do is fill out the small form below and we’ll keep you notified! We will, of course, be sharing this information on this website and on our social media!

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Damen FAN of SAIL

Today, SAIL Event Partners and Damen NAval Shipbuilding signed the sponsorship agreement. Damen is a wonderful company with a rich history. Watch this corporate film and get an impression of this Damen Naval Shipbuilding. Damen has two yards in Amsterdam, both are...

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