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The Aphrodite was built in 1994 in Lemmer as a luxury charter for the Wadden- and Baltic sea. In 2016 the ship was sold to the curren owner and is now used as a private yacht. Besides the Baltic sea sails the Aphrodite on all of the European waters, including the Mediterannean sea.

The ship is a brig, fully rigged, with 17 sails. With full sail the Aphrodite has 383 square meters of sail. With a main engine of 360 hp, a bow thruster of 150 hp and a draft of 2 meters, the ship is very easy to steer. Over the full length, the ship measures 30 meters with a width of 7 meters. With favorable wind the ship achieves a speed of 8 knots on full sail. The ship is amazingly good at sailing with a small crew. This way you can sail with 2 experienced sailors and the sails can be set by hand in 30 minutes.

A special feature of the ship is that it sails 1.5 to 2 knots through its masts, rolled sails and many lines with wind force 4 to 5 without sails or engine. The length of all lines added up is 3.4 kilometers.

The Aphrodite has visited various Sail events in recent years, including Sail Den Helder, Sail Delfzijl and Sail London.


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