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The Atlantis barkentine was built on a shipyard in Hamburg in 1905 as a lightship – a beacon in the mouth of the Elbe. In a place where the construction of a lighthouse is not possible. After 70 years of service in the Buitenelbe she got a second life as a sailing ship. The underwater ship of the Atlantis has a classic sailing ship line. A reason to thoroughly restore the ship in 1984 and to provide it with the rigging of a barkentine.
This means that the front mast of the sailing ship is rigged and the remaining masts are moored alongside.

The Frisian company Tall Ship Company bought the Atlantis in 2005 and lifted the ship to the level of luxury and comfort that the company is known for. Of course, the traditional look that makes the ship so popular is retained. The three-master has a beautiful spacious deck, on which it is wonderful to stay. During events or traveling across the North European waters, but especially the Mediterranean Sea. Inside it is equally comfortable. The ship has a stylish salon bar, cozy deckbar and own hotel kitchen.

The Atlantis can accommodate up to 140 people. They can look forward to experienced and enthusiastic service personnel and excellent catering. And of course a great nautical experience on an authentic Barkentijn with an enthusiastic sailing and service crew. The Atlantis meets all safety requirements of the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate for shipping.
Welcome to the rich history of sailing.

Welcome to the Atlantis!

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