Tall Ship de Gulden Leeuw hangt schijn in het onrustige water
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Gulden Leeuw

The Gulden Leeuw is a young Tall Ship with a rich history. After the conversion in 2009, the Gulden Leeuw already has a number of special facts to its name. The ship offers passengers a wide range of possibilities. Think of participation in the big SAIL events, but also in SAIL training trips and programs where participants learn, work and live aboard this large Tall Ship.

It is possible to be part of the crew of the Gulden Leeuw. For example by sailing in unique international races such as The Tall Ships Races, where thousands of young people meet each year. In addition, the Gulden Leeuw offers the opportunity to participate in individual trips, open to all ages.

SAIL training means meeting challenges, learning about yourself and about others, assuming responsibilities and increasing self-confidence. Trainees are part of the crew during the unique SAIL training program. Sailing, steering, navigating, cooking and cleaning are all parts of the program with the ultimate goal of taking over the ship. There are various trips; especially for young people aged 16 to 25, individual trips, or for example an international exchange. The character of the trip differs, sometimes it brings the Golden Lion as quickly as possible from A to B, another time there is raced with and between the largest Tall Ships in the world.

As a participant in leading events such as SAIL in Amsterdam and SAIL Den Helder as well as the major SAIL events in Germany and France, the Gulden Leeuw offers the business community the unique opportunity to organize any desired event on board. The ship is characterized by flexibility. It is possible to organize large, but also small, intimate events.

At the Gulden Leeuw we want to offer our guests a unique experience. To experience the emotion of being on the water for a day or evening with a great sailing ship. To be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the ship, the sailing feeling and the great service orientation of our crew that makes people feel at ease. A perfect balance between these aspects is what is being sought.

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