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Nao Victoria

True discovery traveller

Nao Victoria

This original 16th century ship was the only one of five ships, which kept returning in Seville after making a trip around the world between 1519 and 1522. The first ship ever!

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, she sailed along the shores of South America, passed Magellan Strait and crossed the Pacific until it reached the Philippines and later the Moluccas. On her way back she sailed through Cape of Good Hope, along the West Coast of Africa until she finally reached her home port of Seville. A journey of 32,000 miles around the world. New countries were discovered, coastlines were mapped and unknown areas were mined! Without the adventurous efforts of these early explorers, the world would have looked very different today.

The replica of the ‘Nao Victoria’ was built in Spain to honor the historic shipbuilding, to learn (again) and to show what the possibilities were of these historic ships from the 16th century. Of course she kept ‘open ship’ during SAIL Amsterdam 2015, so that you could experience with your own eyes how these first ‘world travelers’ sail around the world. At large events she receives as many as 2000 visitors a day on board!


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