Tall Ship Jolie Brise klapt door de golven en heeft zijn rode zeilen uit

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Jolie Brise

Jolie Brise was built in 1913 to get professional sailors across the ocean as quickly as possible and was the last ship to carry the Royal Mail under sail. Her next career as pilot boat was short-lived, as steam increasingly took over the function of sail. She was then used as a fishing vessel until she was bought in 1923 by E.G. Martin, one of the founders of the Ocean Racing Club in the UK.

After adjustments, she participated several times in the Fastnet Races between 1925 and 1930, winning three races in those years.

The Jolie Brise has participated in many Tall Ships Races and has already been overall overall winner during the Races! Even during the Tall Ships 2000 – Trans Atlantic Challenge – the ship was the winner in all classes. In spite of racing and winning, teamwork on board is the most important thing. Sail the ship together and have fun together. Jolie Brise is also known for her hospitality. In 2000 she sailed from Cadiz to Bermuda. Then the crew organized a beach party where all crew members of the 15 ships were invited, with which they had sailed together.

The gaff schooner still looks great and sails like a spear, annually participates in the Tall Ships Races and is a regular visitor to SAIL Amsterdam. Where she will make her appearance again this year.

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